IMG_8031 (1)Heyyy! I’m Samantha Pollock. I’m a financial professional, entrepreneur, poet, content creator and best selling author in the making.

A little backstory-I went straight to college after high school, no breaks. Academia is easy. It’s rigid, it’s concrete-especially for me. I walked across the stage and shook the Dean’s hand in May of 2015, I moved into the apartment that I shared with my boyfriend at the time and went full-time on my job in June, and finished my final class in July. That’s when I realized that all of the challenges and struggles to come were going to be completely different from anything I’d ever experienced before and I wanted to share the journey.

PollockWrites is my way to share my epiphanies and experiences because I know that I’m unique but someone else is just like me in one way or another. Someone is great and afraid to acknowledge it. Someone is talented, but doesn’t know it. Someone is constantly encouraged by friends and family, and they don’t know why. And there’s definitely someone out there who knows that they’re talented, brilliant, and unique, but they don’t have anyone to believe in them. That’s why I’m writing. I’m here for you. I want to be the comfort to the genius who’s afraid to harness the greatness within. I want to be the support to the brilliant person who knows that they’re underrated and overlooked. I see you. I feel you. I got you.

“Be you. That’s when it sounds beautiful” -J. Cole

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