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You’re the Sun

The wind blows cold, but the sun’s shining.
I look across this empty patch of land and I swear I can see you over there laughing.

I remember you always. I even talk to you on bad days.

Though you’re gone, I feel like I can hear you and the things you used to say.

Looking into the woods and the wind is blowing your laugh,

I can’t help but wonder what kind of last moments you had.

Though I’m not happy about how things turned out,

I’m happy to have the memories of the love, laughs and smiles.



A dreamer’s dreamer. Believer. Hardworking overachiever-


Sprinting through life. Dreamer, slow down. You’re missing life’s true meaning.

You’re fussing when you should smile. Crying when you should laugh.

Sit and observe for a while.

Dreamer! You’re blessed, be grateful.

Be thankful for breath.

Be happy for sunshine. Don’t buckle under the stress. Smile more

-not less.


You get one and the last thing you want when this one’s done is to look back and see that of all the hours spent alive,

You didn’t live for a single one.