From this angle, the world is mine. From this angle, Mobile is cloud-covered but flooded with sunshine. From this angle, my dreams are small and completely attainable. From this angle, my anxiety isn't a major obstacle. From here it's a joke. From this angle, the city is beautiful and the homeless people live lavishly. From... Continue Reading →

Be Hungry

"That hunger can be so intense and consuming that we forget how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished"


A dreamer’s dreamer. Believer. Hardworking overachiever- underachieving. Sprinting through life. Dreamer, slow down. You’re missing life’s true meaning. You’re fussing when you should smile. Crying when you should laugh. Sit and observe for a while. Dreamer! You’re blessed, be grateful. Be thankful for breath. Be happy for sunshine. Don’t buckle under the stress. Smile more... Continue Reading →

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